Little state objects



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Sometimes we have a pattern like:

if (is_ready) {
  // do the thing
else {
  // put into a queue and execute when is_ready=true

Events make it better:

emitter.on('ready', function () {
  // do the thing

But what if you start listening too late and you miss the event? You'll be waiting forever...

statelet takes a different approach where instead of listening for events we're watching for changes in state:

is_ready.when(true, function () {
  // do the thing

Combining States

Sometimes you want to know when multiple states align in a certain way.

var State = require('statelet');

var is_happy = new State();
var knows_it = new State();
var action = new State();

function onChange () {
  var youre_happy = is_happy.get();
  var you_know_it = knows_it.get();

  if (youre_happy && you_know_it) {
    action.set('clap your hands');

Where can I use it?

Works in both node.js and browser. You can use it as either AMD or CommonJS style module.


npm install statelet

To do

  • make sure examples have decent cross-browser support
  • more examples