The concise CSS selector engine


nut 0.4.2

Nut is a concise query selector engine that just allows you to do extremely simple queries.

Otherwise! Since querySelector is supported by all current browsers, please consider this library as obsolete.


You can pick the minified library or install it with :

jam install nut
bower install nut
npm install nut --save-dev


Hey, the names branch supports name attributes! Thanks to Crydust ;)

Oh jeez, another engine?!

Nut aims to be minimal to have a very tiny footprint and extreme velocity based on the observation that much of CSS requests could be kept as simple as possible since javascript is able to handle a lot of things. It is most of the time faster than querySelectorAll and then faster than all selector engines. Nut does not implement request caching, to avoid unecessary code additions and performance loss, because the user can easily keep a request and pass it as a context to another request.


Here's it can handle :

.bar p
section #foo .bar p
div, #foo, .bar

And here's it can't :

div *
div > p
div + p

So, all pseudo-classes, attribute selectors and other advanced syntax are not allowed. But, let's dig in it :

// Return an array

Of course, queries can have a context :

// Get nodes from the #foo context
nut('.bar p',nut('#foo')[0]);

And that's all you need to know ;)

Ender integration

Nut is compatible with ender and supports some useful syntax.

Selecting nodes, as usually:

$('.bar p',$('#foo')[0]);

Selecting existing nodes:

var nodes=$('.bar');


Nut is published under the MIT license.