Batman.js is a framework for building rich web applications with CoffeeScript.


Shhh... Batman is sleeping.

Batman.js is no longer in production at Shopify and is not actively developed. :(


batman.js is a framework for building rich single-page browser applications.

It's got:

To find out more or get started with batman.js, check out the website:

Contributing Build Status

Well-tested contributions are always welcome! Here's what you should do:

1. Clone the repo

git clone

2. Install dependencies using NPM

npm install
npm install -g gulp

If you don't already have Node.js, the installation instructions are here.

3. Run the tests

batman.js uses karma and QUnit for orchestrating tests.

To run the tests, run the following command from the project root:

gulp # starts webpack & karma

Assuming you have Chrome installed, it should automatically open and start running the tests. The test outcome will appear in your terminal.

4. Write some test-driven code

The tests are in tests/batman. All test files in there are automatically picked up and run.

5. Update the documentation

The API documentation is written using literate CoffeeScript.

The API documentation includes its own set of tests, which serves as both an assurance that the API hasn't broken, as well as a set of examples for how to use it. These tests need not be comprehensive (that's what the regular tests are for), but should cover the most common use cases. They're automatically run alongside the regular tests, so you don't need to run them manually.

If you want to render the API docs, see the README for

Please read the README for the docs before writing any.

6. Create a pull request

If it's good code that fits with the goals of the project, we'll merge it in!

Compiling the library

Task Does...
gulp Does it all: starts Karma and watches for changes, running finalize on any change
gulp build compiles files into /dist
gulp finalize runs build and creates minified versions
gulp test starts Karma runner
gulp test:travis finalizes then runs the tests once with PhantomJS


batman.js is copyright 2014 by Shopify, released under the MIT License (see LICENSE for details).