A CSS backdoor API for providing awesome scripts in a centralized way


Sheethub 0.6.2

Sheethub is a CSS backdoor API, with the aim of bringing simplicity and centralization to CSS polyfills, making them work together. Shortly: Sheethub retrieves stylesheets itself to be able to access to CSS rules that are not currently applied for incompatibility reasons.


You can pick the minified library or install it with :

jam install pyrsmk-sheethub
bower install Sheethub
npm install pyrsmk-sheethub --save-dev

Sheethub scripts

If you have developed a Sheethub script, feel free to add it to the list ;)

Developping scripts

The ready state

Sheethub provides an event to inform that all native stylesheets have been retrieved. Here's how listen it:


But be careful. Depending on your code, Sheethub can be ready before you've plugged in to the event. Then, you can also verify the state with:

    // ready!

Managing stylesheets

Sheethub manages Stylesheet internal objects. Each one represents a stylesheet with transparent management across browsers specifications and different DOM nodes. All Stylesheet object names are determined by the title attribute of the CSS link tag. If no title is specified then the name will be randomized.

Get all stylesheet objects:


Get only one Stylesheet object:

Sheethub.get('some stylesheet name');

You can of course verify if a stylesheet is registered:

Sheethub.has('some stylesheet name');

Add a new stylesheet:

// Create a new Stylesheet with a LINK node
// Create a new empty Stylesheet
// Plug to an existing STYLE node (that you've previously created)

Remove a stylesheet:

Sheethub.remove('some stylesheet name');

Stylesheet objects

Stylesheet object provides some useful functions to interact with the stylesheet. Firstly, Stylesheet also has a ready state and can be listened with same way as we saw earlier with Sheethub, so you'll be able to know when you're new appended stylesheet will be loaded.

The most interesting part of the API is the hability to set/get CSS contents:

var sheet=Sheethub.get('pinky');
// Get contents
    // Set contents

Anterior versions of Sheethub provided methods to interact with specific node attributes. All of these have been removed but they're still accessible by the stylesheet node:

// Return the attached node
var node=sheet.node();
// Verify if the stylesheet is disabled
    // Enable it


Sheethub is published under the MIT license.