Implement authentication using Mozilla Persona in your web application.


Use Persona for Authentication, the easy way!

#1 - Add some javascript to your templates:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script> PersonaJS(); </script>

NOTE: Wanna bundle persona.js with your own javascript resources and minify it all together? Do it!

#2 - Add a classes to your login / logout links

Add .persona_login to your login link or button:

<a href="#" class="persona_login">login</a>

Add .persona_logout to your logout link or button:

<a href="#" class="persona_logout">logout</a>

Serve one or the other, depending on whether your user is logged in or not.

#3 - implement /logout and /login handlers

When a user logs in, an assertion will be posted to /login.

When a user logs out, we'll post to /logout.

#4 (optional) - change the defaults if you want

don't like the class names or paths we've chosen as defaults?

  siteName: "My Awesome Site",
  login: { target: '/login', select: '#signin' },
  logout: { target: '/logout', select: '#signout' }


There is no step 5. You are done!