A very simple image editing library with a chainable api.



A simple lightweight, library agnotistc image editor built in javascript.

Currently in version 1.0


Sepia Tone Grayscale Inverted Monochromatic (Red, Green, Blue) Horizontal Flip 180 Rorate Vertical Flip(Can be accomplished by using rotate180() with flipHorizontal())

Future Support

Revert Saturation More to come...


First off, make sure that your img tag has the proper height and width of the image. It helps things run smoother.

Editr(image); //This parameter is just your img element. This alone will do nothing.

Editr(image).sepia();//This will apply the sepia filter your your image

Two Types of usage

Editr(image).sepia().replace(); //This replaces the image that was passed in at the spot

Editr(image).sepia().dataURL(); //This will return the dataURL which you can then add as the src to any img tag in your site. 


Editr(image).sepia().grayScale().monoRed().replace() //This will go through each change and keep on applying the changes to the image and then replace the image.