Color conversion functions for switching between hex decimal, RGB, names and arrays.



Used to convert colors to RGB or hex from RGB, hex or the color name

Simply run any of the functions (toArray, toRgb, toHex or toName) and pass it your color in any of the following formats.

  • Array - [25, 10, 255]
  • RGB - rgb(25, 10, 255)
  • Hex - #FFC609
  • Name - red

The method will then return the color converted to either an array, rgb, hex or its name equivilent depending on what method you ran.

You also have access to all of the colors and their values by name. For instance, the following code will return [255, 0, 0];

To then convert that into hex you would use the following line.



You can find this library on npm under olical-color or on the unpkg CDN at It is distributed with a UMD wrapper, so you can use it via AMD, nodejs or a browser global.


Simply execute npm test to run the tape tests and npm run lint to run the standard linter. They are all executed before a publish.


Oliver Caldwell (@OliverCaldwell)


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