ClassIE is an unobstrusive library which detects Internet Explorer version for JS and CSS sides


ClassIE 0.3.2

Following a H5BP's commit discussion (, I've decided to write an unobstrusive tiny library to automatically detect Internet Explorer version and bring us a sure way to use polyfills and IE CSS fixes.

Overall remarks


You can pick the minified library or install it with :

jam install pyrsmk-classie
bower install pyrsmk-classie
npm install pyrsmk-classie --save-dev


The IE variable is available to know under which version of Internet Explorer your script is loaded.

    // some polyfills

For browsers other than IE or ulterior to 9, IE variable will return -1.


Internet Explorer version is also accessible with CSS classes since ClassIE adds the current IE browser version to the html markup like: <html class="ie8">.

Then, using ClassIE with your stylesheets is pretty simple:

.ie6 #contents,
.ie7 #contents{
    // some specific properties

Special thanks

Thanks to James Padolsey for his wonderful CC IE detection idea:


This library is published under the MIT license.